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This site is divided into sections to allow for easier navigation. Pick the area that interests you and start there.

"The Broken Lady" Site Sections






Personal Section

My Personal Section My Story - Main Page
A Poem To One
Police Officer
Meet My Family
Recovery Journey To Recovrey

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Abuse Section

Main Abuse Page
Some very inportant points I'd like you to know and a few frightening statistics

Abuse Information
What is Abuse?; Abuse Statistics (You will be shocked)

Abuse History
The History of Abuse and The "Rule of Thumb" expression

Abuse Cycle
Cycle of Abuse Chart and the phases of abuse. Shows exactly the how the cylce of abuse starts and continues.

Abuse Types
The Various Types of Abuse and The 3 C's - Three Things to Remember

Anti Stalking Sites
Sites that deal with Stalking

Effects of Abuse
Effects of Abuse on Women, on Children, Men and on Society as well as Long Term Effects

Abuse Myths
Myths About Abused Women; Facts and answers to every myth.

Abuse Poems
Poems on abuse that are all original and indicate the various states of recovery and abuse.

Recognizing Abuse
Would you recognize the Signs of Abuse?; How do you know if you are being abused? and How would you know if a close friend or relative is being abused?

How You Can Help Stop Abuse
Ways that you can help stop Wife Abuse/Domestic Violence.

Organizations Helping to Stop Abuse
Organizations and sites that are fighting to stop Domestic Violence

Abuse Links
Abuse Links to other abuse sites and to resources that will help abused women.

Abuse Tips
Tips on Helping Abused Women

My Abuse Linking Banners
Do you have an abuse site and would like to link here? Link to The Broken Lady.

Abuse Banner Exchange Links
Links to other Abuse Sites

Some wonderful and insightful quotes
All original quotes by The Broken Lady/Lady of Couage

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Poetry Section

Poetry Poetry Index Page
All Original poems by me

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Other Section

Awards Awards Received Page
My Awards - Apply For One!!
Other Groups
Webrings Index Page

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Main Page
Main Page

Poetry Index
Poetry Index


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